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Our History

Drawbridge Asset Management is the institutional investment services division of Drawbridge Capital, an SEC registered investment advisor based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our parent company was founded in 2002 and today manages over $290 million in assets.


Drawbridge seeded its first equity strategies on January 1, 2016 and attained GIPS compliance in 2018.  Drawbridge US Small Cap Growth was introduced to the institutional marketplace in 2019, followed by US Small Cap in 2020. 

Glenn Fogle hired as cio

Attained GIPS compliance

US Small Cap growth introduced 








Seeded first equity strategies

SEC Registration

US Small Cap introduced

Our History
Our Mission

Our Mission

To deliver high alpha investment returns with lower volatility and lower correlation to the broad equity market over three- and five-year periods.

Our Investors...

  • Value uncorrelated alpha and seek more of it for their portfolios.

  • Pursue compelling active strategies to enhance core equity exposure.

  • Grasp the cost of drawdowns and the importance of capital preservation.

  • Are frustrated by hedge fund underperformance, illiquidity, opacity, and fees.

  • Want to build a roster of skilled, disciplined managers pursuing complementary strategies.

Our Investors
Our Values and Principles

Our Values and Principles

Idiosyncratic Approach

Copying the crowd does not produce superior performance. We proudly wear the “unconventional” label as a badge of honor.

Facts over Forecasts

Investment decisions are based upon observation, evidence and probability. We minimize the influence of estimates, predictions, and guesswork.

Concentrated Portfolios

Every holding carries high conviction. We only invest in our very best ideas.

Downside Protection

Managing risk and limiting drawdowns are critical aspects of long-term success. A good defense may be the best offense.

Consistent Disciplined Process

Systematic and repeatable, our fundamentals-driven approach has proven effective over more than twenty years.

Proprietary Fundamental Research

We identify and evaluate key growth drivers, assess major risks, and ignore extraneous information. Decisions are based upon our well-established criteria, not the opinions of others.

High Active Share

Portfolios that materially depart from their benchmarks can deliver superior returns with lower volatility and lower correlation to other managers – the trifecta of uncorrelated alpha.

Outstanding Client Service

We are committed to transparency, clarity, frankness, honesty and responsiveness.

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